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Portrait of Steffen Lenk (jpg)My name is Steffen, born on a hot summerday in the seventies, southwestern Germany. You may call me Steven – or Phoenix, which is my nickname. Use whichever is more convinient for you. My starsign, if you believe in such, is Leo and according to the Chinese system it’s the rabbit, element wood.

I’m 1.81 meters in height (that’s 5’10 in feet/inches) and 90 kilograms in weight (that’s 198 pounds/lb). My motherlanguage is German, but I also speak English. I’ve had French for 4 years at school, but since I didn’t really need it in a long, long, long, very long time, I’d be lying if I said that I’d still speak it. I still understand a little though.

My favourite interests/hobbies are writing, photography, cooking (i.e. sushi, steak, pizza, pasta) and travel. In my past I’ve been living in several places all over Europe, i.e. Spain (Canary IslandsBalearic Islands and the mainland), England, Ireland, France, Austria and in 14 out of the 16 states of GermanyPortrait of Steffen Lenk (jpg)I also collected numerous experiences in the United States of America and, later, spent about five years in Canada (Toronto, Ontario; Halifax, Nova Scotia and Vancouver, British Columbia).

My field of expertise is a wide spectrum in the IT-business, in which I’ve spent most of my life. Internet technologies (e-commerce, webdesign, content and project management), installation and maintenance of computer hard- and software and profound experiences in the sectors of digital art, technical support, system diagnostics, administration and local computer network security describe a lot about of what I’ve been doing since I was 17, when I joined the Navy. I’ve been working under both: Contract- and self-employed basis, almost everywhere I’ve lived so far. I’m a teamplayer, but can also be efficient independently and flourish in fast-paced environments.

Started in early 2014, I sometimes work as an actor (with text) or as an extra (without text) for the movie industry, which I find most enjoyable. So far I’ve been in the production of one TV-movie, four TV-series, one documentation and one cinema-movie.

My favourite sports are biking, diving (which I enjoyed doing in the Pacific, the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic), hiking and swimming.

Many people have asked me, if I ever want to settle down. Well, I intend to.

I believe home is, where my heart feels at home. Nonetheless, if I add my airmiles together, I have surrounded planet Earth eleven times, have seen three quarters of a million kilometers on streets and railroad-tracks, was staying in twenty-five countries (79 larger cities) and spent more than sixteen years outside my birthcountry – so far. I’m also drawn to the open nature and the oceans. I’ve often been described as one of the most flexible and adaptable people in the world, when it comes to living standards, new places, personalities, profession, opinions, conflicts, mobility, cultures, religions and other forms of spirituality, communication, geography & orientation, weather & climate conditions, clothing and nutrition.

In short: The local way of life, which hasn’t been much of a challenge for me, nearly everywhere I set foot on.

I’m a quiet and warm person, also a fighter and passionate, deeply inside. Once I made up my mind, set goals, there might be storms tempoarily slow me down, but never stop me.
And a home doesn’t have to be some place, far, far away, it also can be the woman who couldn’t be any closer.

If you’d like to get into contact with me, feel free and send a message. Infos regarding getting into touch via Internet are on the contactpage here on novaspero.net

Thank you for reading

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