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Celebration of Light

Posted by: Steffen in BC, Blog, Events, Vancouver
"Celebration of Light", Vancouver (BC), August 3, 2011 - Executive fireworks competitor in video: SpainHigh Definition version available 

Every year there’s the Celebration of Light, a competition in British Columbia, Canada, between international teams of firework artists. It is the worldwide biggest festival of this kind, first held in 1990. Starting in the afternoon, people from all over the city of Vancouver and the surrounding area visit it, most of them camp at the beaches.Sunset in British Columbia (2011) There usually are more than 1.5 million visitors, getting entertained by live music, flightshows, many sorts of food and beverages and, of course, the fireworks, that start at 10pm. The festival starts late (last week of) July and goes until early (first week of) August; fireworks are on Saturdays and Wednesdays. Videos were shot by me at the English Bay area (westend Vancouver, nearby Beach Avenue, between 8.15pm and 10.30pm (Pacific Time). The camera in action, as one probably wouldn’t believe, was a cheap 69 CAD$ model I bought two years ago. I’ve digitally enhanced and cut the recorded material on the same evening and put it online.