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Free Screensavers

Posted by: Steffen in Freeware, Screensavers

Free downloadable Screensavers on novaspero.netYou get them brand new: The very first desktop screensavers on novaspero.net – and as well as my wallpapers, for free! Just download, install, use, copy or redistribute them as you like. They’re freeware, so you won’t find any annoying advertisements, popup windows or “useful” toolbars.freeware desktop screensavers My stuff is clean and neatly small in filesize. As a matter of fact, each of these use only 53 (yes, fifty-three) kilobytes. So far I didn’t create anything with threedimensional models.. yet. These use 2D-shapes. If you’re a 3D-geometry fan, check back in future and watch my progress, if you like. They are based on the OpenGL (Open Graphics Library) API, so your graphics adaptor driver needs at least to support this (which is quite common since.. 2001? Whatever. Ages.) My screensavers should be auto-adaptive to every thinkable screen resolution, from ultra-small netbooks/tablets upto big, fat gamer PC displays. You don’t need to configure anything. Enjoy!

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