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(Ralph W. Sockman)

Gallery opened

Posted by: Steffen in Art, Digital Media, Photos

It still needs some polishing, but it’s now open to the public: The photography, video and CGIartgallery here on novaspero.net I have been obsessed with this topic since the early 1980ies and even studied it for a year (1996-97) in Stuttgart, Germany -> the old-fashioned way, which for some of us might be sort of unknown, due to the huge impact of digital photography since ~2000/2001. Back in ’96 at school I used 35mm-, medium- and large format cameras, film material that had to be processed by hand in a laboratory with chemicals, not to talk about the magnification process, that took many, many hours and a lot of patience. Well, let’s just say: It was a lot more work than nowadays, but I still believe that analogue photography has it’s charm. Use the links, provided in the top- or floating menus to visit the gallery. Videos in the gallery are played in the little High Definition (720p), as soon as clicked. If you experience stuttering playback, just use the Youtube player to switch to a lower standard (such as 480p), directly on the novaspero-Videochannel. Most pictures are in a high resolution and come with a larger filesize. A broadband Internet connection may be advisable.